Julian Rabus

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(März 2021)

Kurzfilm, 17 min.

The film follows young couples and peer groups in Berlin through different moments in their everyday life.

The film was shot in long situations lasting up to three hours with up to four cameras. The method is to give the actors space to behave without dramatic functions. Following intuitions opens a way to engage in certain psychological patterns and to find narrative structures which then manifest in the editing process and the viewers perception.

Part of the exhibition “LASSITUDE”, Goethe Institut Paris, 2022

Bill Becker & Lea Drinda

Hannah Gabo
Mina Guschke
Linda Rohrer
Noah Tinwa

directed by
Julian Rabus

costume designer
Nicole Petsch

director of photography
Christian Godau

Lilli Pongratz
Arne Büttner

sound mixer
Nils Plambeck

costume designer assistant
Alma Günther

assistant director
Betty Koschka

assistant camera
Jonas Maintz

additional support
Johny Venegas
Yael Hahn
Lin Xin
Philip Reuver

camera support
Ufo Filmgerät

produced by 
Rudel Film